RAYHER Aluminium Stamping Gold Foil 20cm x 30cm x 3

RAYHER 2707006

Brings brilliance to every house. You can make the greatest works of art just by embossing, punching, cutting, shaping or bending the metal foil. You can create a lot of things with the stamping foil. As underlay you can use a Crepla (foam rubber)-, cork- or Styrofoam plate. Embossing is very easy if you use an embossing pen, but you can also take a ball pen or a knitting needle to draw linear or fill forms with a structure. You can also use it to make shining stars (also 3D) etc. for hanging or glued on a crafting stick to stick them somewhere.,For hand lanterns you cut a stripe in the desired height and in the length of the extent of the screw cap plus one cm. Now you lay your desired pattern on the foil and press the pattern on the foil by using the pen. For a hole pattern you prick the desired pattern from the front side in the foil by using a needle and then you glue the ready stripe with Multiglue 3338300 around the cap of the glass. Brush both gluing surfaces and when they are touch dry (approx. 10 min.) press them together. You can attach a wire and ready is a lantern. Or you can punch different motives out of the foil. You can use the motives as little parts for a table decoration or to glue them on cards or presents. You can also make shiny mobiles out of the punched motives.

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