KOH-I-NOOR Mondeluz Watercolor Pencil Metal Box Set x 36

KOH-I-NOOR 3725036001PL

Mondeluz aquarelle coloured pencils are rich in colour and contains perfectly dispersed top quality pigments carefully selected and purchased from renowned producers around the world. Their light permanency and dosed concentration also influences the final result and durability of the artwork. Therefore a high concentration of dosing of pigments has been prescribed for this product in its entire colour range. Another important component is white clay, usually bleached kaolin of the highest purity and fineness. It gives these coloured pencils, together with the addition of binders and other additives, an unsurpassable ability to make a unique stroke on the paper or other medium. Another important agent of the formula ensures the excellent solubility of all the components. The aquarelle technique can be achieved even with a few drops of water distributed by a fine brush. The options, or rather techniques of application are many. You can dilute the strokes on paper, coloured dust (prepared with sandpaper) or chips (prepared with a knife or sharpener). Thanks to the 3.8mm diameter of the lead, this product provides excellent artistic potential for every user. Noble wood, of which pencil is made, enables simple sharpening.,No component used in production contains toxic or otherwise harmful substances and the final product is therefore suitable for all age categories. Made in Czech Republic. Features,- 3.8mm diameter lead.,- Top quality colour pigments.,- Light fast.,-Toxic free.,-Water soluble.,- Noble wood casing

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