FABER-CASTELL Albrecht Durer Watercolor Pencil Set x 60


Watercolor pencils allow artists to draw, just as you would with a regular color pencil and when water is applied to what has been created the art will turn into a mesmerizing watercolor painting!

Complete watercolor pencil set comes with 60 colors of Albrecht Durer Artists’ Watercolor Pencils inside a metal tin! Organize and store your watercolor pencils with included stackable trays

Premium quality watercolor pencils are highly pigmented and have excellent lightfastness to ensure that your artwork will be vibrant and will not fade over time. Artists of all skill levels love Faber-Castell watercolor pencils for their versatility, durability, and consistency!

Watercolor pencils 3.8 mm lead is completely water soluble, acid-free and has a soft color laydown making it able to produce watercolor effects and vibrancy!

Faber-Castell watercolor pencils feature a break-resistant lead that is produced through SV (secure-all) bonding that glues the lead the entire length of the barrel.

Use watercolor pencils wet or dry! Depending on the paper being used, the pigments can be completely dissolved, and will then behave in the same way as classic watercolor paints. If water is not added to the pencils will behave like regular color pencils

Since 1761, Faber-Castell has been making premium quality art supplies for all skill levels of artists. Proudly made in Germany, the Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils provide value to any artist.

Contents Include: 60 Pencils: # 101 White, # 102 Cream, #104 Light yellow Glaze, #205 Cadmium Yellow Lemon, #105 Light Cadmium Yellow, #107 Cadmium Yellow,#108 Dark Cadmium Yellow, #109 Dark Chrome Yellow, #111 Cadmium Orange, #115 Dark Cadmium Orange, #121 Pale Geranium Lake, #219 Deep Scarlet Red, #217 Middle Cadmium Red, #126 Permanent Carmine, #225 Dark Red, Magenta, #142 Madder, #124 Rose Carmine, #125 Middle Purple Pink, #129 Pink Madder Lake, #194 Red-violet, #136 Purple Violet, #249 Mauve, #141 Delft Blue, #157 Dark Indigo, #247 Indanthrene blue, #151Helioblue-reddish, #120 Ultramarine, #140 Light ultramarine, #110 Phthalo Blue, #149 Bluish Turquoise, #246 Prussian Blue, #153 Cobalt Turquoise, #156 Cobalt Green, #158 Deep Cobalt Green, #264 Dark Phthalo Green, #163 Emerald Green, #171 Light Green, #112 Leaf Green, #267 Pine Green, #165 Juniper Green, #173 Olive Green Yellowish, #168 Earth Green Yellowish, #174 Chromium Green Opaque, #131 Coral, #191 Pompeian Red, #190 Venetian Red, #188 Sanguine,#187 Burnt Ochre, #185 Naples Yellow, #184 Dark Naples Ochre, #180 Raw Umber, #176 van Dyck brown, #283 Burnt Sienna, #177 Walnut Brown, #274 Warm Grey V, #271 Warm Grey II, #231 Cold Grey II, #233 Cold Grey IV and #199 Black in a metal tin.

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